1. Some changes…

    So Rory and I have “settled” into our new home of Nashville, Tennessee and are doing just fine. We’re excited to spread our wings in a new city and see what life has in store for us here. 

    Location isn’t the only change for us. We’ve decided to add some more members to our little duo and further more, establish ourselves as a band. A band in the music sense as well as the community sense is what we are after, I suppose. A team of people that want to be with us as much as we want to be with them sounds rather nice right about now. 

    In the process of meeting and auditioning new musicians, we’ve met some really great and talented people in this fair city. All of whom have been the kindest of people and we’ve really felt honored and privileged that any of them have wanted to be a part of this little facet of the world we’ve been cultivating over the past two years. 

    We’ve narrowed it down and we’re pretty excited about announcing the line-up here shortly as soon as we make some final decisions. After being just the two of us for so long now we aren’t in any rush to be too hasty. After all, choosing band mates is like choosing your best friends without really having spent much time with them. These are supposed to be our comrades in music, so we want to be sure. You know, only fools rush in.

    We’ve got some other news on the horizon, but I’ll save that for later. 

    Thanks for listening,