1. An Adventure

    Lisa and I are heading out on the road. This adventure is for the sake of being young and having fun, to search new cities where Copperfox can take flight and to reconnect with friends and family we’ve made throughout the years. We had set a goal three years prior to our departure that we were going to do something like this for ourselves and continue exploring so that we don’t become stagnant. Visiting new places and meeting new people is so refreshing and a great catalyst for change and reflection. We leave for this trip in excitement and uncertainty for what the future holds but isn’t that really the recipe for successful travel?

    Along the way, we’ll be documenting our adventure through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds and we’ll also be putting out some video content on our Vimeo feed. So, if you feel inclined, stayed tuned and we will keep you posted. 

    Rory + Lisa