1. Exciting News

    So we’ve made a lot of progress in May:
    • We’ve finally got physical cd’s of our new EP “From the Den” designed by the lovely miss Makenna Combs
      • How you can help Copperfox: If you are in PDX and want one, you can go to Everyday Music or Music Millennium. If you are out of state, email us your name and address and we’ll give you instructions on how to pay using Pay Pal. 
    • We’ve got our music for sale on iTunes and Amazon, along with other online music stores. 
      • How you can help Copperfox: Go to iTunes or Amazon and download the new e.p. “From the Den”. Also, any of the following would be helpful: Use the Artist Quick Links in on our Copperfox iTunes page to “tell a friend”, “Share on Facebook”, and “Share on Twitter”; rate the ep using iTunes star rating; and if you have the time, write us up a review.
    • We’ve got our music on Last.FM 
      • How you can help Copperfox: If you are already a member, go add “Copperfox" and our new EP "From the Den" to your music library. Be sure and tag our music too! 
    Thank you for all of your support over the last year! We can’t do this without you so if you have some time, please take a moment and help us spread the word.
    Lisa + Rory