1. Sneak peak of our new band photos by Stephanie Kincheloe


  2. We’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet soul in Evelyn Hiatt, the wonderful lead singer behind Field Division. Upon first listen of her debut single, Fault Lines, we knew that she had something very special in the works. Take a listen and judge for yourself. 

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  3. "And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days."
    — Ray Wylie Hubbard (via awelltraveledwoman)

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  4. Introducing Copperfox from Copperfox on Vimeo.

    This is a compilation of some practice footage set to one our newest songs, Sailor. It is also the first glimpse of our full band line-up that includes Nate Moran, Andrew Bottini and Stephanie Kincheloe (of Ranger).

  5. We played a last minute show at 12th and Porter last night. Our friend Evelyn Taylor of the band Field Division was kind enough to snap this shot of us. 


  6. A big year.

    Lisa and I are coming up on a what has been a very big year for us and Copperfox. It was in the beginning of fall last year that we decided to uproot ourselves from the wonderful city that is Portland in search of a bigger music town. Our hope was to find a band and immerse ourselves in a new music city. We fell in love with a few (I’m looking at you, Austin) but ultimately landed in Nashville where the people are sweeter than their tea and music is a constant. Moving to Nashville, the biggest music city in the country, was both exciting and scary. Would we be able to stand out in a city splitting at the seams with music? Will people like our sound and want to actually be a part of this project? The answer has proven to be a resounding, YES.

    In our search for new members, we started the usual way, by putting out ads in various location. The first member that contacted us was Nate Moran. Nate is a wonderful drummer whose passion for music as a career is on par with ours. He has been playing drums for years and his experience shows. His innate talent was instantly noticed and he was quickly added to the group. It is often said that drummers are the backbone and it’s true, that’s why it’s a saying, and with him by our side we stand tall.

    The second member we added, Andrew Bottini, moved to Nashville after going to music school in LA. His knowledge of theory is apparent both in his style and the way he talks about music. He seemed to know what to do instantly when playing with us, as if he had played these songs many times before. His playing is only rivaled by his agreeable and fun-loving nature.

    Our numbers had grown but we needed a fifth member, a utility player who would add that fifth dimension to the music. At first we weren’t sure which direction to take with the final member. Do we get another guitar player? A keyboardist? A pedal steel guitarist?

    After much searching, we found the answer to our prayers in a friend that we already knew, Stephanie Kincheloe. Stephanie already fronts her own band but she was interested in the prospect of singing backups and playing both guitar and keys with another band. We enthusiastically tried her out and everything came together better than we could have all hoped for. She elevated not just the energy in the band but the sound. With continuing practices we started to morph what we were and thought we would be into what was. There wasn’t much thought involved as to how we were changing, it just happened. Our sound has blossomed and matured, every day we become more of who we were meant to be as a collective.

    Travelling to a new place in hopes to find people that would share a common dream was founded on faith that payed off. We are here in the music capitol of America with a family of musicians by our side, standing tall, excited for what’s to come. With a show under our belt (you can read more about that here) and more already lined up we look forward to the places this momentum is going to take us. Thank you to everyone that’s been there for all of us. Here’s to another year!


  7. Fiona Apple - “Hot Knife” Official Music Video) (by pitchforktv)


  8. Let’s grow up together.


    This / Keaton Henson

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  9. Rory has started a blog about his musical misadventures that documents his growth and observations as an music artist. Check it out. 

  10. Leo, our mascot would like to tell you that we’ve released another single this last week. If you’ve got a minute check it out at copperfoxmusic.com (at Westwood)


  11. Some changes…

    So Rory and I have “settled” into our new home of Nashville, Tennessee and are doing just fine. We’re excited to spread our wings in a new city and see what life has in store for us here. 

    Location isn’t the only change for us. We’ve decided to add some more members to our little duo and further more, establish ourselves as a band. A band in the music sense as well as the community sense is what we are after, I suppose. A team of people that want to be with us as much as we want to be with them sounds rather nice right about now. 

    In the process of meeting and auditioning new musicians, we’ve met some really great and talented people in this fair city. All of whom have been the kindest of people and we’ve really felt honored and privileged that any of them have wanted to be a part of this little facet of the world we’ve been cultivating over the past two years. 

    We’ve narrowed it down and we’re pretty excited about announcing the line-up here shortly as soon as we make some final decisions. After being just the two of us for so long now we aren’t in any rush to be too hasty. After all, choosing band mates is like choosing your best friends without really having spent much time with them. These are supposed to be our comrades in music, so we want to be sure. You know, only fools rush in.

    We’ve got some other news on the horizon, but I’ll save that for later. 

    Thanks for listening,